29:11 Worship & Zion Rempel Drops EP, “Surely (All Of My Days / Better Is One Day)”

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29:11 Worship has released the follow-up to their song “Joy Of The Lord,” “Sure (All Of My Days / Better Is One Day)” available on all digital retail and streaming service providers. Zion Rempel sings the live recording, which was captured at 29:11 Church in Mesa, Arizona. Created by Avery Chisenski and co-written by Avery Chisenski, Zion Rempel, and #8221; rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank” href=”https://lnk.to/SurelySingle”>Set to hit August 2nd, Surely (All Of My Days / Better Is One Day) is the second single release preceding their EP All Broken Things.

For me personally, this song has been like the national anthem. Gratitude is the biggest adversary of anxiety and depression—competition and insecurity. This is a thank you song. directly from Psalm 23. My aim is that listening would encourage you to see the very personal blessings and faithfulness of God and generate thanksfulness. It is quite unique. – 29:11 Worship; Zion Rempel[/p>

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