HYMN Lyrics Text: All You Peoples Clap Your Hands

HYMN Lyrics Text:  All You Peoples Clap Your Hands

HYMN Lyrics Text: Abba Father

All you peoples clap your hands

And shout for joy

The Lord has made all mankind one.

So raise your voices high.

1. All creation shows

the glory of the Lord

The earth proclaims His handiwork.

The sky cries out His word.

Night and day sing out

the glories all about.


So praise the Lord

with shouts of joy.

2. The strength of God is great.

He rules from sea to sea.

And all creation knows

the might and glory of His deeds.

So ev’ry living thing,

Join in now as we Sing.

And praise the Lord

With shouts of joy.

3. The King of all the earth

Has made His message known:

That we should offer Him ourselves

And evrything we own.

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We do this by the way

We live through every day.

So live each day in peace and joy.

4. The kingdom of the Lord

Was made for all the good:

Those who want to live

In peace and brotherhood.

So with our fellow man

Let’s all join hand in hand.


And praise the Lord

With shot of joy.

5. Let every man alive

Remember your command:

That every day in every way

We love our fellow man

If this command is done,

The victory will be won

And we’ll all live in peace and joy.


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