HYMN Lyrics Text: Jesus For Me

HYMN Lyrics Text: Jesus For Me

HYMN Lyrics Text: Humbly We Adore Thee

Jesus for me, Jesus for me!

All the time, everywhere

Jesus for me.

1. Jesus my Saviour,

is all things to me.

Owhat a wonderful Saviour is He!

Guiding. protecting o’er

life’s troubled see.

Mighty deliverer, Jesus for me.

2. Jesus in sickness,

and Jesus in bealth

Jesus in poverty, comfort or wealth

Sunshine or tempest

whatever it be.

3. He is my safety, Jesus for me.

He is my refuge,

my rock and my tower.

He is my treasure,

my strength and my power.

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Life everlasting, my delight is He.

Blessed Redeemer, Jesus for me.

4. He is my prophet,

my priest and my King.

He is my bread of life,

fountain and spring.

Bright sun of right

my daystar is He.

Horn of salvation, Jesus for me.

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