HYMN Lyrics Text: Like Olive Branches

HYMN Lyrics Text: Like Olive Branches

HYMN Lyrics Text: Humbly We Adore Thee

Like olive branches

around the table of the Lord,

so God’s children in the church,

1. Blessed those who fear the Lord,

who seek His path.

For they shall find favour

in His sight.

2. Blessed be the toil of your hands,

they shall bear fruit.

In joy and in gladness

shall you work.

3. With good fortune in your home

shall you be blessed.

Your wife shall be

like a fruitful vine.

4. Blessed shall your children be

around your board.

Like strong olive branches

shall they stand.

5. Blessed indeed, shall be the man

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who serves the lord.

For he shall prevail

throughout his life.

6. May the Lord who dwells on high,

give joy to you.

And may He protect you all your life.

7. May the sight of many sons

delight your heart.

May God grant His peace to Israel.

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