HYMN Lyrics Text: O The Love Of My Lord

HYMN Lyrics Text: O The Love Of My Lord 

HYMN Lyrics Text: Humbly We Adore Thee

1. Oh, the love of my Lord

is the essence

of all that I love here on earth.

All the beauty I see

He has given to me.

And his giving

Is gentle as silence.

2. Everyday, every hour, every moment,

have been blessed

by the strength of his love.


At the turn of each tide

He is there at my side.

And his touch

is as gentle as silence.

3. There’ve been times

when I’ve turned

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from his presence.

And I’ve walked 

other paths, other ways.

But I’ve called on his name

in the dark of my shame.

And his mercy

was gentle as silence.

4. Meet Him here every body


at this banquet

which His loving heart

makes for his friends.

Here He gives all He has,

body, blood, strength to serve.

And His love is as gentle as silence


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