HYMN Lyrics Text: Oh Jesus Christ Redeemer

HYMN Lyrics Text: Oh Jesus Christ Redeemer 

HYMN Lyrics Text: Humbly We Adore Thee

1. O Jesus Christ remember,.

when thou shalt come again,

upon the clouds of heaven,

with all thy shining train.

When every eye shall see Thee

in deity revealed.

Who now upon this altar

in silence art concealed.

2. Remember then, O Saviour

I supplicate of Thee,

that here I bowed before Thee

upon my bended knee.

That here I owned Thy presence,

and did not thee deny

And glorified thy greatness

though hid from human eye.

3. Accept, divine Redeemer,

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the homage of my praise.

Be Thou the light and honour

and glory of my days.

Be Thou my consolation

when death is drawing nigh.

Be Thou my only treasure

through all eternity.

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