HYMN Lyrics Text: Ten Unclean

HYMN Lyrics Text: Ten Unclean

HYMN Lyrics Text: Humbly We Adore Thee

Ten unclean and no where to go

Ten men cleansed as clean as snow

One returned to give God than

but nine went away

1. Ten men lepers, in a Hebrew town!

Ten crying Lord,

Won’t you please come down?

No hope near till one fine day,

Jesus of Nazareth passed that way,

2. Lord, make me clean,

Was their single cry

See, now, the whole world

passes us by.

No man’s home will take us

Then Christ bent down

and touched their skin

3. God gives gifts to us ev’ry day

favours His people in evy

Hope restored and pain relieved

Do you ever give thanks

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for a gift received

4. Thank you, Lord, for the rising sun,

for sight and song

and good deeds done

Faith and family

and loving friends

for the day that begins

and the sight that ends.

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