HYMN Lyrics Text: They Say I Am Wise

HYMN Lyrics Text: They Say I Am Wise

HYMN Lyrics Text: Humbly We Adore Thee

1. They say I am wise

and they say I am king.

I’m a carpenter’s son

and I don’t own a thing.

They say l am rich

and they say I am poor.

And whenI came knocking

they bolted the door.

2. They asked me for bread

And they asked me for sign


I gave them some bread

and I gave them some wine.

The bread was my body,

the wine was my blood.

They still turn away

From me looking for food.

3. They shouted with joy.

They laid palms on the road.

But into the town

on a donkey I rode.

They said do not go

for we can’t stand the loss’.

The very next morning

they gave me a cross.

4. They brought me down low,


though they hung Me up high.

They brought Me to life

though they left Me to die

They buried Me deep

with a stone at my head.

But I am the living

and they are the dead.


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