In the Recently Released Film “I Am Second,” Meghan Patrick Discussed Abuse and the Importance of Friendship and Faith.

Meghan Patrick featured in the new 'I Am Second' movie talking about abuse and the power of friendship and faith

In the Recently Released Film “I Am Second,” Meghan Patrick Discussed Abuse and the Importance of Friendship and Faith.

Canadian-born performer Meghan Patrick recounts her path from hopelessness to satisfaction in the new White Chair Film from international storytelling group I Am Second. She explains how unanticipated connections and a renewed faith helped her focus on her mission.

Patrick began snowboarding competitively at an early age and had a growing interest in music as a child. She had a severe injury that abruptly ended her snowboarding career. At that moment, Patrick started to play and sing because she felt a greater sense of comfort in music. Little did she know at the time that this would serve as the divinely inspired basis for her future profession.

Yet prior to her relocation to “Music City,”

But before her move to “Music City,” Patrick found herself in the middle of a violently abusive relationship.

“It started as emotional abuse and then led to physical abuse,” Patrick shares. “I used to be the girl who said, ‘Oh, I’ll never be that girl; I’ll never stay with a guy who abuses me.’ But when you’re in it, that person took a lot of time to make you feel like you did something to deserve it. It was the loneliest time in my life.”

As the abuse grew worse and worse, out of desperation and complete fear for her life, Patrick cried out to God in prayer, begging him to save her. And while she didn’t grow up believing – and didn’t know if God existed – she kept praying.

“I felt so stupid at first, [thinking], ‘What are you doing? Who are you talking to? There is no one there; no one is coming to save you.’ But I just kept doing it. I didn’t know what else to do”, says Patrick. “I [thought], ‘God, perhaps it is too late for me to speak to you; I know I never have before. Maybe I’m too far gone. Maybe I’m not worthy of your love, but God, I just want to feel myself again. I just want to feel safe again. I want to get out of here, and just help me do it’.”

Patrick attributes her rescue to those answered prayers. After a miserable night of violence, she called the police, and a divine conversation with a “God-sent” police officer finally helped her escape her situation.

Soon after, Patrick moved to Nashville, where God orchestrated several chance encounters, resulting in friendships with Nashville artists Lainey Wilson and Kasey Tyndall. These friends showed her something else: authentic, Christ-inspired love. They encouraged Patrick in her talents, confidence, and faith, but also empowered her in ways she had never known before, ultimately forcing her to share her powerful story with others—specifically through her songs. In fact, the film highlights the context for Patrick’s testimony song, “Praying Right,” inspired by these believing friends and his personal experience attending church with them for the first time.

“I was really afraid of judgment or that I wouldn’t be welcomed [in church].” Patrick explains. “And I’m happy to say that it’s the complete opposite of what my experience has been. So, I wrote this song.”


Patrick’s life now is something she never could have imagined. The additional elements in Patrick’s story—such as her baptism and recent marriage to country music artist Mitchell Tenpenny—show how her life has come full circle and serve as an empowering message of hope for those in the darkest circumstances, going beyond her righteous journey, the Christ-centered friendships formed, and a divinely ordained career.


Please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233 if you believe you may be a victim of domestic abuse.

Patrick credits those prayers answered for her rescue. She dialed 911 following a wretched night of violence, and a miraculous chat with a “God-sent” police officer ultimately enabled her to get out of her predicament.

After a short while, Patrick relocated to Nashville, where he met Lainey Wilson and Kasey Tyndall through a series of random meetings that God arranged. But these friends also demonstrated to her real, Christ-inspired love. In addition to supporting Patrick’s abilities, self-assurance, and faith, they gave her strength she had never had before, which finally compelled her to tell her moving narrative to others, particularly via her songs. In fact, the movie provides background information for Patrick’s testimonial song, “Praying Right,” which was motivated by these religious friends and his own church attendance with them for the first time.


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