Joey Herd Releases Debut EP, ‘The Other Side’

Joey Herd Releases Debut Christian Single 'Anchor Me In'

Clear and convinced now, Joey Herd decided to relaunch himself as a Christian musician in the Contemporary Christian Market. It was a basic realignment of his vision and principles as much as a change in genre. Joey Herd is changing as a musician by starting a transforming trip. Herd’s path starts with music emphasizing on praising the Lord and expanding the Kingdom with his new EP, “The Other Side.</p
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“It’s not about merely being a songwriter, a vocalist, an entertainer,” Herd says. “It’s about feeding souls so that they may have an opportunity to experience the power of the Holy Spirit and come to know the Lord or renew the relationship between a person and Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior”.</p</s
Joey, who was born and reared in Missouri, started his career as a young 12-year-old performer at a well-known Branson, MO amusement park. Many years later, Herd made the decision to bring his aspirations of being a major player in the country music business to pass. He and his family packed and headed into the busy streets of Nashville from their own state. Joey debuted his album "How It Feels… in 2014. Herd developed a following in the country music world fast with real storytelling, soulful melodies, and sincere lyrics.{{{

Joey felt a stirring in his soul even though he was a country performer with popularity. Herd tells how the Lord continued emphasizing more on his heart that he had much more ahead of him. Joey was set on a path that would revolutionize his career by this sense of more to come and the positive affirmations from his 2-year-old kid and the bus driver of Casting Crowns.</p

Driven by passion and guided by faith, Joey Herd gave his whole heart and soul to produce his new EP, “The Other Side.” With pure honesty and authenticity in every lyric, his songs exude a great sense of faith and hope. Herd’s songs inspire and encourage listeners to connect with something more than themselves by evoking introspection. Drawing on his musical background, Joey blends modern Christian and country to produce a sound that is especially his.

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Joey discovered that the recording studio procedure was different from his past experiences in popular genres when he moved to produce songs fit for the Contemporary Christian Market. Here the focus was on catching the core of spiritual inspiration and respect rather than on creating appealing songs. Usually appropriate for praise and worship environments rather than radio, Joey remembers playing with the flow of some songs in the studio by repeating a bridge or chorus.Joey says, “Building and releasing this brand of music is committed to God’s Kingdom. I am therefore in the Word far more than I have ever been in that sense. For direction as well, I am depending on spiritual leaders since nothing I do is in line.</p
Herd also had the chance to collaborate with Jana Evans, a female vocalist performing studio background vocals. Jana gave a dynamic tone to the song providing an additional full and rich sound having sung alongside industry stars like Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. Joey muses over recording his EP as a seamless and satisfying procedure.In the music business, Joey Herd is a lighthouse of sincerity and commitment. His change from country singer to Christian messenger is a narrative of deliberate living, not only of rebranding. Every song contains evidence of his path as well as messages on the transforming power of God’s love. From uplifting anthems to soul-stirring ballads, the EP will appeal to listeners and inspire faith. Joey wants his new song to inspire every listener to get daily closer to God./p



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