Jordan Janzen – You Can Let Go

Jordan Janzen – You Can Let Go


Janzen has always been active in music, but “You Can Let Go” marks his label debut as a solo artist. Similar to learning to walk and talk, the Canadian singer-songwriter picked up the instrument quickly. He owes his love of music to his parents, who both performed with the Christian rock band Sojourner. When he was seven years old, he began playing the drums with their worship team. He started instantly leading worship for his youth group thanks to his musically gifted ear. “Worship and music go hand in hand for me,” Janzen continues. Our relationship with God has a role in it.


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The result of this innate grasp of music and a lifelong love for God is “You Can Let Go,” a heartfelt pop ballad that gives the listener permission to let go of the past regrets, secrets, and everything else that may be so challenging to release. “People need Jesus more than ever,” he asserts. “The God of love and comfort is the God who will draw us in. He loves us without conditions. We don’t have to accomplish it by ourselves. One choice is to let go.

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