HYMN Lyrics Text: Gather Christians

HYMN Lyrics Text: Gather Christians

HYMN Lyrics Text: For You Are My God

1. Gather Christians,

the Lord we now await

let’s now celebrate

Gather Christians,

behold he comes.

Rejoice and sing

for the Lord is king.

2. To God the Father,

let’s give Him praise.

To God the father,


Our voice we raise

To God the Father

Who reigns above:

Praise the Lord

For His mercy and His Love.

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3. As we stand here before our God

with Christ Jesus our saving Lord.

We’ll break His word now

and break the Bread

as we proclaim


He is risen from the dead

4. Let us all now as one community

praise and honour the Trinity.

Let us all now with one accord

Sing our praise

to the living God.


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